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Please Stop

I get it. No one but me and like, two other people, is happy about Blaine being included in the Missing Trilogy. Do you know how I know? Because nearly every single comment that was longer than ‘glad you’re back’ told me so. You are not being original or creative. You are saying the same thing over and over again that everyone else did, and it’s not changing anything. I have been writing this story for oh, about two years now, and this was always how it was going to end. From the very first sentence. This is what I’m writing. This is what I enjoy. STOP TELLING ME HOW MUCH YOU HATE BLAINE. It’s fine if you don’t like the story anymore, or you don’t want to read it. I’m ok with that! I’m less ok with everyone’s unending desire to tell me how much they despise the ending of Found. Stop, kay?

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Anonymous asked: I wanna ask you something. 'Cause the question's been stuck in my head all day, like an earworm. Why doesn't anyone (that I know of, or just in general) write any infantalism pieces on Vampires? They don't ever physically age, they're beautiful, (sometimes) and they've already got the pseudo familial roles down.

Well, I don’t actually write that much infantilism, and I don’t write anything about vampires, so I might not be the best person to ask. But I’ll do my best.

I think the part of it might be a bit of an ick factor? Vampires don’t physically age, so there’s that, but they can also be centuries older than their ‘little’ and that might carry some awkward connotations for some. Vampires already get pedophilia jokes aimed at them.

In addition, it’s hard to write down a fic with infantilism or vampires and get it taken seriously. The Glee Kink Meme goes through different fads, and people tend to start laughing when you mix them.

Though, I will say that in a way, the ageplay dynamics already tend to be in play? Daddy!kink and vampirism tend to go hand in hand, at least in a subtle way.

I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’m exhausted and have an allergy headache.

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The next time you feel down, just remember that Bruce Banner tried to kill himself and Tony Stark has anxiety attacks, and they’ve both saved the world. You will be okay.

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Free Speech isn’t an argument.


"But… I’m allowed to say it!” doesn’t make what you say:

  • Right
  • Moral
  • Valid
  • Important
  • Relevant
  • Justified
  • Worthy of further discussion.